we are

We're a community. We're a movement. We're fans, modelers, artists and hobbyists. We're sons and daughters, mothers, husbands, old, young, from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are united by our love for the Gundam model building hobby and the joy that it brings. And we want to use it to better ourselves and better the world.

why gunpla?

Accessible, dynamic, model building.


Building models has been a pastime that has been enjoyed for generations. Cars, airplanes and buildings come to mind, but giant mecha suits? The Japanese franchise from which the models hail (Mobile Suit Gundam) has captured the imaginations of fans since 1979.


The models themselves require no paint or glue. They snap together and pose dynamically. They are relatively affordable. And they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Anyone can build Gunpla, and you can build Gunpla however you like - relaxing alone or enjoying with friends, straight of the box or with the best of your painting and customizing skills. We love the hobby and we believe you can do great things with it.

The vision

Gundam United is an organization dedicated to education and community development through service and creative expression and communication using the Gundam/Gunpla model building hobby.

OUR MISSION: to promote and nurture the Gunpla community in the United States; we will achieve this goal by organizing special events, and providing an informative and educational platform where individuals can utilize the hobby to connect, create and contribute to the needs of their local communities.


Whether it's service projects, panels, workshops, build gatherings or just plain fun, we believe there is something in the hobby for everyone. Join our mailing list to stay in touch with our latest activities!