Amazing Graze: Built with Love

May 22, 2018

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This is a story. A story of my first attempt at a full custom kit.


It was a labor of love, assembled with parts that were given to me through acts of kindness and significant events in my life. I did not spend a single cent on any of the kits that went into this model.

It took me the whole month to build, paint, sculpt and wire it. As a new builder who had been only building for a few months, I tried many new modeling techniques for the first time and made plenty of discoveries and mistakes. But the end result, while not perfect, is something I am truly proud of and something truly meaningful to me.


Below is the journey from start to completion.

This building experience left me with some thoughts and reflections.


In the life that we share with those around us, we give of ourselves to others and we receive from them as well. We can use the experiences and lessons we take with us to form something greater - to create beauty and art that can move and inspire others - and shape the world.


Building is an adventure. Looking forward to seeing you along the way.


Build Together.




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