Gundam United Launches at Momocon 2018 in Atlanta!

June 1, 2018

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We have launched.


Launch weekend was a huge success! We are proud to announce the beginning! If you are reading this, you are among the first to know about us.

In the heart of Atlanta every summer is a convention known as Momocon, a gaming and fandom-based convention that draws thousands of players, artists, industry names, hobbyists, talent, fun-seekers and passionate cosplayers. And in the middle of the convention, Gundam United had its beginning. In the middle of the exhibitor's hall was a small booth. Some of you may be familiar with this booth.



4 days of gundam events.

For four days straight we were blessed with the opportunity to coordinate Gundam build meetups, workshops and a panel. We also had a booth on the exhibition floor.




Thursday night was an open build meetup. Momocon provided the tools and people brought their kits in to build.  The room we were provided with was a tiny room in a difficult to locate part of the hotel. We thought since it was the least busy day of the convention, we'd have a simple following. We were wrong.


From 7pm all the way until 11pm, guests came and built kits and had a jolly good time. The atmosphere was pleasant and jovial. The seating capacity of the room was 22, but we had people kneeling on the ground building with us. On a Thursday night.




Friday - the gundam room

The next day, in the same isolated room in the hotel, we ran "The Gundam Room." We upped the chairs to 40 and from 10AM - 6PM we had open building and an open exhibition, where builders could bring in kits to share. There were around 50 kits of all sorts of shapes and sizes and skill levels on display and many who had never seen Gunpla before were wowed.




From the moment the doors opened at 10AM, we had guests come in and build with us. The building party lasted all day long. Friendships were made, kits were assembled and people were wowed. Several passers by were curious when they saw the Gundam room sign, and were  greeted with the sight of beautiful mecha and people enjoying themselves. Even one of the VIP guests at the con took notice.







Saturday - Workshops!


Saturday evening, the Gunpla festivities continued. In the early evening, a beginner's workshop was held. Many of the guests had previously visiting our table on the exhibit floor and every seat and kit was sold out with several still at the door. Many new builders were born!

Every new builder during the weekend received a complimentary builder's birth certificate, courtesy of Momocon!

In another room, we held our first Basic Alternative Techniques workshop! Local build club ​​leader Chris Kang shared some of his custom builds and taught the guests about acrylics, drilling holes, and other ways to spice up your kits on a budget. If you are in the NE Atlanta area, you may find out more about his meetups - Buford Gunpla Club and Wasteland Gunpla Club.









Sunday AM - Gundam for everyone!



The weekend wrapped up with our panel, Gundam for Everyone, featuring myself, local build meet leader and mecha personality, Zonga Fielding, and local build meetup leader Chris Kang. We did an exciting and informative overview of the Gundam fandom, its cultural impact and we shared the joy of Gunpla building and what it's meant to us. Local builder Jerrymiru donated some high grades for our raffle and three of them went home with brand new builders! It was an exciting morning for Gunpla!


looking to the future


We had a great time coordinating the events at Momocon, and it was a blast talking to all the long time fans as well as the people just entering the door of the wonderful world of Gunpla. It was our opening weekend and many people have been supportive and excited about our vision. If you joined us at Momocon 2018 this past Memorial Day weekend, we thank you for stopping by and we hoped you enjoyed our events! We are thankful to Momocon 2018 for the opportunity to help grow the community and look forward to doing bigger and better events in the future.


Build together!


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